The Words Will Come

These past 9 weeks, once again, have renewed my appreciation of the joy of writing. I never considered myself a writer. My wife on the other hand, is a published author, who uses words in a most eloquent fashion in writing the stories she writes. I, on the other hand, usually write whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes I get lucky and it translates pretty well, but sometimes it may give the reader a glimpse of a cluttered mind, with random ideas and thoughts. But the opportunity to write these last weeWrite-1000-Words-In-Less-Than-30-Minutes-–-Writing-For-The-Webks has given me the encouragement to reclaim my appreciation of writing and also has given me the appreciation of my own style of conveying my ideas and thoughts onto paper.

In my Psychology 101 class, students are given a final assignment titled, “Reflections and Insights.” I ask students to write about what they have learned about themselves that reflects a topic or subject that was reviewed in the course. To examine their thoughts and feelings about themselves and reflect it in psychological terms. I encourage them not to think too much about what their writing, just allow the words to flow. It’s kind of becomes a free association of writing, (Freud would have loved that). Students initially get a little anxious at first, but when their final paper are submitted for grading, well, I am in awe when I read them. You can see a differences in the style and manner in how they express themselves when they just “let it flow.” This is how my wife writes, she sits at her computer and creates a vision with words that portray a story and seems to do it effortlessly. When I ask her how did you do that?, her reply is “I just go with the flow and the words come”. Hmm, going with the flow, allowing the words to come?  At the risk of sounding new-age with well-placed crystals on my computer, it makes sense of writing in that fashion. We are taught early in our school years that writing should be done in a style that aligns itself proper structure, complete sentences, and of course, words that are used in an appropriate fashion.  I wonder how my writing style would have been if someone told me early in my schooling, “just go with the flow and the words will come.” Probably more enjoyable and less time searching for the right word or the perfect way of expressing a thought.

This 9x9x25 challenge has given me opportunity to experience that joy of the flow. I found myself typing an idea and the words came. I admit, sometimes I get stuck, but I found if I just allow myself to pull back until  the words return, well, it seems to all come together.  This must be the joy writers’ talk about, the synchronicity of ideas on paper, or most likely, the computer screen. Writing not only gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, but it also gives us the encouragement and confidence to express feelings and thoughts in more creative ways which touch the essence of who we are.  I once read somewhere, “writing about yourself is like biting your own teeth.” Having something to write each week has given me a taste of who I am and the confidence to express that more effectively.

So here’s my final submission for this year’s 9x9x25 challenge. Simply an acknowledgement of my appreciation for having the opportunity to “bite my own teeth”, to prove to myself that I can write in the fashion I feel most comfortable with and I even like the results.

My wife is right (she always is), “let it flow and the words will come.”



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