Student Comments

“Very well rounded and out of the box! Solid balance between fact and critical thinking techniques.”
“I feel that professor  helped me in understanding different ways to write a paper, while making it easier to do so. He was a very good instructor that got what he wanted across to the students. I loved going to class.”
I would like to thank you for your prospective and the outline of your class. By helping me to understand myself better through the discussion board and the assignments I feel as though I will be of better service to others in the future. This has been a wonderful opportunity to expand not only my knowledge of psychology, but of how others think and feel through our weekly discussions. This has truly been one of the most beneficial aspects of my growth.”
“I love this class. I learn so much from every class lecture. I learn things that help me find myself with others, work, school, family, etc. It has helped me understand humanity and life in General.”
“The content of each chapter can be a little overwhelming, but Mr. Buffo does not give so much homework that it becomes overwhelming. And the assignments support what you learned in the book very well.”
“Instructor is very friendly and always goes out of his way to make sure we all have what we need. I would take his classes again in a second.”
“I just want to thank you again for another great class experience. I truly enjoyed the level of involvement both in Psych 101 and Psych 245. And I very much appreciated your constant feedback. That was something I found sorely lacking in most of my on-line experiences. As I have mentioned before, it was as close to a traditional classroom experience I have found on-line.”
“Enjoy the rest of your summer. When I am ever in the Prescott area again, I would love to stop by the Yavapai College Verde campus and meet you in person. You’ve “left a mark” with me!”
“The professor did a great job covering the material online, the assignments were great and insightful, along with the discussion boards, and the quiz’s.”
“EXCELLENT Tutor, I will try to find him in another class.”
“Awesome instructor! Very understanding and helpful.”
“Mr Buffo makes this class fun.  We have some great discussions and he has a lot of patience with all of us. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging to those of us that struggle.”
“I learned a lot in this class. It covered a lot of material relevant to my field, interests, and really to everyone’s life span.”
“The instructor is nice! His style of teaching is very engaging with a great sense of humor.”
 “I enjoyed the class, although there was lots of information to take in, yet the assignments and blackboard discussions made it worth while.”
“I enjoyed the method of teaching that Prof. Sal has, this is my first online course and I had some concerns about how communication would go and he got back to me in a prompt manner when I asked questions. It was very much appreciated.”
“Online class… first and probably not my last…Professor Buffo convinced me it can be done..”

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