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IMG_0294Perhaps it’s not a question of what we teach, but rather what we learn from our teaching.  Teaching has taught me great lessons, not only about my students, but about myself. I’m always amazed what occurs in the classroom, for it’s the students who allow me to think in ways that sometimes even surprise myself,  like taking a journey and having some idea as to what direction I may be travelling, but really unsure of the final destination.  This has become the excitement for me, the sharing of the journey and the discovery of the destination. So, I have become a traveler with a book bag slung over my shoulder and the knowledge that when that journey comes to an end and class is over, I will have discovered a new land that challenges what I thought I knew but also begs me to know more.  Do we teach what we need to learn? I hope so.  If we stop learning, what’s left? So to my students; may our journeys together bring us closer in our understanding of ourselves and our fellow travelers.